Cloud for Automotive Industries

Cloud for automotive industries

Automotive Industries

The automotive industry relies heavily on constant availability of data. Even if you don’t have that perfect car in store, your customers will be happier if you can search inventories and direct them to a location that does. With the cloud, automotive companies can store inventory and additional data in one easily-accessible location. This will not only make your life easier, but it will boost the quality of customer service you provide. When you have instant access to the information you need, you will close deals faster.

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Our Cloud Services

Cloud Application Hosting

Access your software from cloud — when and where you need it.

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Virtual Desktop

Have the freedom to connect to the virtual desktop from any device, regardless of locations.

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Cloud Drive

Our own file sharing cloud drive gives users enterprise-level secure file sharing capabilities.

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Video Conferencing

Communicate with unmatched 4K could video conferencing experience.

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Infrastructure & Data Centers

Our cloud data centers are geographically dispersed for automatic failover protection and remote backups.

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Managed Cloud Services

We keep your cloud-based systems and premise-based assets up and running at all time.

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Contact Us 954-560-7987

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