How much does cloud computing cost?

We have all heard that cloud computing can be a cost-effective alternative to on-premises infrastructure, but how much does cloud computing cost in comparison? In order to answer this question, you have to audit your current infrastructure cost and then compare it to the Total Cost of Ownership of moving to the cloud.

Moving a business to the cloud is not all about how much you can save, but a significant motivator is how much does cloud computing cost compared to what you are spending at the moment. Working out the financial benefits of moving to the cloud is a two-stage process. First audit your current infrastructure costs before calculating the Total Cost of Ownership of moving to the cloud.

However, there are other costs associated with moving to the cloud that have to be taken into account, and these have to be weighed against the non-financial benefits you can gain. As no two businesses operate in exactly the same way, costs can vary greatly and each comparison has to be conducted on case-by-case in order to arrive at an informed decision based on a business's individual requirements. For example, we have plans that start as low as $50 monthly. In the case of a fully hosted network, you'll spend from $50 per desktop per month to $250 per desktop per month, plus the cost of implementation, data migration, and ongoing storage. This doesn't include the cost of maintaining your in-office network (yes, you'll still need some technology on-site). For colocation, plan for anywhere from $500 per month for one server, to $15,000 per month for your entire back-office infrastructure.

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Why ProCloud360?

A pioneer in IT services and solutions since 2007, ProCloud360 provides the best certified expertise in every aspect of technology — including managed services, cloud, digital transformation, technology consulting, IT support and data security.

ProCloud360 believes that technology should fit your business. Our customized, scalable and business- driven solutions put technology to work for you — and drive your company to be more profitable, agile, productive, secure and competitive.

Our Cloud Services

Cloud Application Hosting

Access your software from cloud — when and where you need it.

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Virtual Desktop

Have the freedom to connect to the virtual desktop from any device, regardless of locations.

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Cloud Drive

Our own file sharing cloud drive gives users enterprise-level secure file sharing capabilities.

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Video Conferencing

Communicate with unmatched 4K could video conferencing experience.

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Infrastructure & Data Centers

Our cloud data centers are geographically dispersed for automatic failover protection and remote backups.

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Managed Cloud Services

We keep your cloud-based systems and premise-based assets up and running at all time.

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