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Cloud Services for Golf and Country Club

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Country clubs present unique challenges. Members have high expectations for service, delivery, and atmosphere, and management wants the staff to be as efficient as possible. Expansive facilities with aging infrastructures add another layer of difficulty. As the General Manager or Controller of a club, you have plenty of heavy lifting to do. Why not let ProCloud360 be your IT caddy?

Club facility footprints are usually large and sprawling, while the network infrastructure has been pieced together over the years, due to renovations and expansion. The network is stretched ever thinner as members (and their kids) expect strong signals for their mobile devices — whether at the pool, the halfway house, or the fitness center — and waitstaffs look to go mobile with their ordering capabilities.

While country club revenues continue marginally upwards, the number of golfers continues to drop. Initiation fees vary, and clubs are in sharp competition for members. The better the membership experience, the more time members will spend at the club; that means more food and beverage revenues, and higher likelihood of a long-term relationship. If a member knows they can stream music while they're on the treadmill, get their work done while sitting at the pool, and let the kids watch YouTube videos on their tablets, they'll spend more time on-site.

When club POS terminals fail, or members can't connect to Wi-Fi, it's often due to poorly run data cabling, improperly configured systems, and outdated hardware. Those tablets you purchased for your servers to use by the pool shouldn't be sitting in their boxes, unused, because nobody can get them connected to your network.

With ProCloud360, you'll have a responsive team there for you when trouble arises. Our goal though, is to avoid trouble by providing solutions rather than fixes. And if you have questions about your POS software, we'll act as your liaison with the software provider, to solve those concerns. Why settle for par, when you can shoot for an eagle?

6 Ways Golf & Country Clubs Benefit from Cloud Computing

Why are cloud solutions the right technology for today's country clubs? More and more country clubs around the US are “jumping on the Cloud.” This is because cloud technology offers an efficient, more affordable solution than on-premises systems. It makes accessing your applications and data so much easier.

These are the top 6 benefits country and golf clubs gain from using cloud computing:

1. Cloud computing affords clubs a faster return on their investment.

(within weeks rather than months or even years). It streamlines application use with pre-designed software solutions and project management systems you can easily customize for your use.

You'll also get significant savings using the Cloud's mass-scale computing capabilities. Not only is the initial capital investment lower than IT infrastructure and servers, but it gives you the flexibility to expand and adjust your IT needs as you grow, invest in upgrades without causing a complete IT system overhaul, and it removes the administrative burden of managing an IT system in-house.

2. There's no upfront capital expense when using cloud technology.

It's a pay-as-you-go model and can also be categorized as a service expense rather than a capital one. Clubs can write off the costs of cloud solutions in the year they were used rather than depreciating them over 3 to 5 years as you would a capital expense.

Plus, if your club is just starting out, you can start small and scale up as required easily. As seasonal demands increase or decrease, you can access what you need, or stop paying for what you don't.

3. Using the Cloud provides anytime/anywhere access.

Because you access your services over the Internet, your staff can use your computing resources wherever they are in your facility, even from their tablets or smartphones. All they need is a computer device and the Internet. Your staff will stay connected, and with up-to-date information, better serve your members.

Because the Cloud is available on-demand to computers and other devices from any location at any point in time, this means your workforce can collaborate no matter where they are. Documents can be shared or edited in real-time. This increases your staff's productivity and efficiency.

You don't need to worry if a mobile device is misplaced or stolen. An IT service company like PROCLOUD360, with offices in Miami, Fort Lauderdale and Tampa, can set up mobile device monitoring that can remotely wipe your data from a device.

4. The Cloud provides business continuity.

You often hear about backups and disaster recovery services (BDRs). This is where your IT provider ensures that no matter the disaster (natural or manmade, likes storms, accidental data deletion, ransomware attacks, even power outages) that you can keep your staff working.

Your critical information is stored in a secure data center, so it's always accessible and recoverable. The right Business Continuity Solution ensures that no matter the issue, you can work from wherever you are. And when a severe storm hits and your administrative staff can't get into the club to work, they can still access critical IT resources to keep your services running.

Other options where the Cloud can provide business continuity include:

  • A Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephone system to communicate when phone lines are down.
  • An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) to transmit data, including orders and payments from one company to another.
  • Approved laptops and wireless devices to create, process, manage and communicate information electronically.

5. Storing data in the Cloud is more convenient, safer and efficient.

It's even more reliable than storing documents on your local servers or hard drives. Although some cite security as a reason for their reluctance to move to the Cloud, there are actually very few data breaches involving cloud providers. The majority of data breaches are due to lost, stolen, or discarded devices and paper records, rogue employees, or human error. And it's very flexible as well. You can quickly increase the amount of storage capacity without purchasing equipment.

6. The Cloud makes it easier for small country or golf clubs to compete with larger ones.

In other words, the Cloud levels the playing field. The Cloud offers unique business solutions. It gives everyone a chance at the same technology resources. It provides small clubs the ability to handle large-scale business requirements at lower costs. The Cloud greatly simplifies the back end of a club's IT infrastructure. You can take advantage of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) and expansive file storage space, as well as email and unified communications.

7. The Cloud makes it much easier to manage and use you POS system.

  • Allows for quick changes
    Think about the food and beverage side of the golf industry, your restaurant menu can fluctuate on a nightly basis based on what you have in stock or what your chef wants to make. On a cloud-based golf POS, these changes are extremely simple to make from anywhere, meaning you can present the latest and greatest to your guests within minutes.
  • A cloud-based golf pos will grow with your business
    Whether you're organizing new purchase order for your pro shop or trying out a snack bar on the 14th hole, as your business grows and evolves into something new, a cloud-based system will accommodate your needs. Adding a new register is simple, adding a new location to your system takes seconds and adding (or removing) a user is no problem at all. You're not restricted to the package you initially signed up for with a cloud-based golf POS.
  • You can take it wherever you go
    Being internet-based also means that cloud systems are mobile – they go anywhere your iPad goes. For cloud-based point of sale users, this means anytime you leave the grounds and need access to your system, it's there. Want to look at your daily sales from home — or the parking lot outside the club house? No problem. Going to a trade show and want your inventory to come along with you? That's what it's there for. A cloud-based system is a mobile system that lets you run your business your way.
  • Simpler integration with other systems
    Your point of sale doesn't operate in a vacuum. In many cases, you may need to add features available through other apps, which means integrating them into your cloud-based golf POS. This integration of multiple systems in one is much simpler when the apps in question are cloud-based. Basically, your system can do much, much more for you.
  • Protection from hardware malfunctions
    This may seem obvious based on point number 1, but should be said anyway. An online golf tee time booking system leaves you free from dependency of your hardware. If your laptop, iPad or iPhone dies, your data is remains unaffected. All of the business data, such as customers, employees, inventory and sales data, is kept safe online in case your hardware crashes and burns. You may need to invest in a new tablet, but that's a far cry from losing precious numbers or access to your business.

What's the Bottom Line for your golf and country club?

With today's cloud computing solutions, your country or golf club can have a system that's protected and accessible from anywhere 24 x 7; one that's totally encrypted and secure. And the Cloud is completely affordable for today's club owners. Most professionals agree that the benefits of using the Cloud far outweigh any drawbacks. It's no mystery why thousands of clubs each year jump on the Cloud.

Still aren't convinced that the Cloud is right for you? We can tell you more. ProCloud360 specializes in providing IT service and support for golf and country clubs in Florida. Call us today at 954-560-7987 to get started.

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