Cloud for Manufacturing and Industrial

Cloud for Manufacturing Industries

Manufacturing and Industrial

Industry remains a large part of the United States economy, and ProCloud360 Technology Solutions provides the IT solutions manufacturing and industrial companies rely on to get the job done. Whether it’s our standard managed services agreement, covering monitoring of systems, patching of servers and PCs, spam filtering, anti-virus, and help desk, or more specific upgrades and improvements, ProCloud360 has the solution for your industrial IT needs. Examples include:

  • Wireless Access Points (used on shop floor for handheld scanning or improved work station efficiency)
  • Data cabling
  • Remote desktop services
  • Security system installation
  • VoIP phone systems
  • Network infrastructure
  • Backup and Disaster Recovery
  • Email Solutions
  • Server Migrations

Depending on your needs, an engagement with ProCloud360 might include co-managed IT services (in which ProCloud360 supports an existing IT team/person), or a completely outsourced solution. If your company already has an IT team or person in place, our goal is to take daily system management and help desk support off their plates, so they can focus on line of business applications (CRM/ERP) and the big-ticket projects that help grow a business. If you don’t have in-house IT, ProCloud360 can handle all of your IT needs.

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Our Cloud Services

Cloud Application Hosting

Access your software from cloud — when and where you need it.

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Virtual Desktop

Have the freedom to connect to the virtual desktop from any device, regardless of locations.

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Cloud Drive

Our own file sharing cloud drive gives users enterprise-level secure file sharing capabilities.

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Video Conferencing

Communicate with unmatched 4K could video conferencing experience.

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Infrastructure & Data Centers

Our cloud data centers are geographically dispersed for automatic failover protection and remote backups.

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Managed Cloud Services

We keep your cloud-based systems and premise-based assets up and running at all time.

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Contact Us 954-560-7987

Contact Us 954-560-7987

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